Sunday 4 March 2012

Aquatic Life - Renuka Lake

Renuka is located in Sirmour district of Himachal and can boast of having the biggest lake in the state. It has a circumference of three kilometers and though part of the lake has ceded to the weeds the lake at least is not polluted and people do not throw garbage in it.

The lake by the same name has a religious significance and therefore the devotees come and feed the fish and the tortoises in the lake. Another adjacent but smaller lake is called the Parshuram lake and it also has lots of fish and turtles.

Some of the turtles are at least two foot long.

Turtle in Renuka Lake

They have to compete with thousands of fishes for the food that the pilgrims drop in the lake and obviously the fish are much faster than the turtles!

Another Turtle

I also saw several catfish which are fish with prominent barbels. These were mainly in the Parshuram Lake.

Lots of migratory birds also visit the area due to the presence of the water body.

Fish in Renuka
There are so many fish in parts of the lake that the moment one throws something in the water to eat there is a churning of water as several fish together make a ferocious moment to grab hold of the food.

A Fish Too Many!
Since fishing is not allowed the numbers have grown and I think that the local administration should take steps to control its numbers.

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