Sunday 26 February 2012

Flora at Renuka

Renuka does not only have a rich fauna but equally a rich flora also. I went there when it is not really a flowering season but still there were several flowering plants and trees. Also there were several kind of creepers as well as water plants. 

In abundance were these red, orange and yellowish flowering plants with a height of 5-10 foot.

Red and Orange flowers

Around the Renuka lake there are trees with huge girths denoting that they are quite old trees.

A huge tree with multiple trunks

Some of the creepers make very beautiful patterns. The creepers would climb any tree be it the Dates or any other tree with a strong trunk.

A creeper on a Date tree

Then there were beautiful water flowers growing in the lake itself.

Beautiful White small flowers with big leaves

The Date trees I think are not part of the local ecology but has been planted there.

A monkey resting on a Date tree

The Renuka lake is located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh and the nearest town is Nahan.

General vegetation around the Renuka lake 

Renka has only one hotel by the same name itself run by the HPTDC whereas all other properties are at least three kilometers away.

Water on a Lotus leaf

The water in the lake is relatively clean though some parts of the lake are now being consumed by the silting and the weeds.

A creeper completely covering a tree

Renuka is a serene little place away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist circuits.

White flowers and lemon like wild fruit

Best time to be at Renuka would be from October to March.

Wild flowers

Once you gain height above the Renuka lake the Pine trees start. At lowers heights these are small in size but become larger and larger with the increase in altitude. These are replaced by deodar once one reaches areas where in winters there is snowfall.

Pine trees

More red flowers with dense vegetation in the background.


I would write on the aquatic life is another post.

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