Friday 31 August 2012

Keep Walking

Headless Man Walking

So what if I am headless  - I will still keep walking. That is the spirit shown in the picture above. Maybe one needs to incorporate that in the corporate life as well.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Sunset in China

While waiting to board my flight at the Beijing T3 terminal in China I was able to see and capture some amazing sun set photos.

Sunset & Takeoff

In the photo above a flight was taking off while a United Airline boarding was taking place with the beautiful sunset as a backdrop.

A Ball of Fire

 It seemed as if the whole sky is on fire. If you see carefully in the above photo then you would be able to see an airplane in the sky in front of the ball of fire.

Peking Sunset

As the climate of Peking or Beijing is dry and crisp in winters the sunsets I was able to see were very beautiful.

Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport is the second largest terminal in the world.