Saturday 29 May 2010

Suru Valley, Ladakh

Among the most beautiful places that I have visited, Suru valley definitely ranks amongst the top few. The Suru valley is in Ladakh province and more specifically in the Kargil district. The valley gets its name by the Suru river. The valley is full of wild flowers, poplars and willows and giving them a stark contrast are the snow capped peaks and massive glaciers. This area also has the two highest peaks of Jammu and Kashmir (the Indian part) - Nun and Kun.

The current of the Suru river is very fast and the water is icy cold. I was chilled to the bone after crossing it!

Friday 14 May 2010

Bon Monastery in Himachal

Bon Monastery, or Yung Drung Ling, is about 18 kms from Solan in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh. One needs to take a minor road at Ochhaghat that is Narag-Sarahan road. This is the second oldest monastery in the world for the Bon religion. Bon religion is different from Buddhism and is much older that the latter.

The Bon Monastery Complex

The Main Temple

An interesting variation from the Buddhist tradition is that in Buddhism you always go clockwise when you circle a temple while praying whereas in the Bon religion you go anticlockwise.


Inside the Main Temple

Huge Conch used during prayers

An interesting motif!

Made of Butter!

Decoration on the wall

A Tankha Painting

Another Temple Complex of Bon

Another Building at the complex

The complex houses a well built library having scriptures of Bon religion. It also has a school where the students study the Bon religion.

Decorated roof with Bon motifs

The whole complex is quite beautiful is is definitely worth visiting. However, there is no place to stay here and one has to probably go and stay in Solan. There are no eateries also that I could see.