Wednesday 28 March 2012

Morni Flowers

Morni Hills area is full of wild flowers. I am not an expert at recognizing flowers, therefore, I will just post these photos of wild flowers that I clicked in the Morni Hills area including the Tikkar Taal. I would love your comments about the names of the flowers that I could not recognize.

Red Flowers

The photo below of course if the flower of the Pine tree which later on becomes the cone.

Pine Tree Flower

Red Flowering Tree

White Wild Flowers

Yellow Wild Flowers

Wild Flower

Then there were lemon like fruits growing in the wild. The size was smaller then that of a lemon and it was not on a tree but on bushes.

A Wild Fruit
I saw some wild cactus trees that had grown to a height of 20 foot or so.The smaller ones do have the red flowers as well.

Red Cactus Flower

Red Cactus Flower Closeup

Then there were these purple flowers growing wild in great numbers having soft bristle like qualities.

Wild Purple Flowers

The flowers in the photo below were near the bed of the Tikkar Taal lake and are very small in size and growing just couple of centimeters from the earth.

Blue Flowers
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morni wild flowers looking awesome! i never ever seen like these flowers! great

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