Friday 29 March 2013

Garud Chatti Waterfalls in Rajaji National Park

I have been to Rishikesh innumerable times but had so far missed this area. Next to the Garud Chatti temple on the road to Neelkanth is a path leading to a series of waterfalls that is called as Garud Chatti waterfalls.

Surreal Waterfall

As we were camping nearby in the Brahampuri area three of us decided to go for a trek in the Rajajji National Park. We started from the road head next to the temple and the Neelkanth bridge and it was a beautiful path with stream on one side and the forested area on the other. 

Rajaji National Park

The area falls in the Rajajji National Park which is spread over 820 sq. kms. This part of the park falls under the Tehri Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand. Due to steep gradient at places and a fault in the topography one can see multiple waterfalls on this stretch within a short distance. 

The First Waterfall

The first waterfall is very small, though still beautiful. As we went there in the evening the light was very good for the photography. However, it is not advisable for novice trekkers to go very late as it would be difficult to return to the road head in darkness. Also the forest guard would not allow you to go in the park if you are very late in starting the trek (for your own safety).

The Second Waterfall

The path is reasonably good. One may think after reaching the second waterfall that they have come to the top but there is a way on the left, which is not clearly visible, to go further up.

Wild Flowers on the way

Throughout the trek one can see different kind of wild flowers blooming. The trek is not tough and surprisingly was not littered with soft drink bottles and empty chips packets which is the hallmark of some of the other trek paths that I have seen.

A Limestone Cave

Also near the third waterfall there are some limestone caves which can provide shelter, if need be. We sat next to all the three waterfalls to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

The Third & Final Waterfall

The third and the last waterfall though has a shorter fall than the second one but as the gradient is slightly less it gives the impression of being surreal and is really beautiful.

The trek inside the Rajaji National Park

As it was getting dark we had to turn back after going only a bit further up from the third waterfall. The trek is recommended for all nature lovers. It is a short trek that can be completed in couple of hours, including breaks.


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