Sunday 10 March 2013

Climber & Explorer Among the Top Travel Blogs

I was pleasantly surprised when my blog Climber & Explorer was rated among the top 30 travel blogs of India in 2013. The Top Travel Blog List 2013 was published on 22nd February 2013. The rating is based on Alexa ranking.

Enchanting Travel Destination 

I am comparatively new as a travel blogger as I started blogging about my travel experiences as late as 2008 though I have been travelling since long. And even then in the initial few years the posts were few and far in between. After all I am not a professional blogger!

So what could be the reason of my figuring in the list? This is probably because majority of my posts are about travel destinations not frequented by too many people and therefore there is a dearth of information about these places.

I am pleased about this ranking and assure my readers that I will continue to share my experiences of offbeat destinations.

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