Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I am Not a Plastic Bag

When the Indian government put a ban on plastic bags in November 2012 one wondered how successful would the ban be in the absence of any alternate system. Even several of you must have seen that how when one puts fruits and vegetables etc in a paper bag it rips open and all the stuff gets spilled.

Oranges in a compostable bag  

I noticed that though some people have started bringing their own jute or cloth bags to the market but how do you ensure to pack stuff for weighing and price labeling? Most of the shops still give you stuff packed in plastic bags.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see that recently one of the bigger stores  - SRS Value Bazaar - have started using a bag that is not made of plastic. In fact they have got the bags printed with  - I am Not  a Plastic Bag.

SRS Value Bazaar's Compostable Bag

This 100% compostable bag made from starch based compostable material gets converted to invaluable compost/manure under composting conditions. The bag has a production and a 'Use By' date also stamped on it! These Truegreen bags have been manufactured by Greendiamz Biotech Ltd. The bags can carry weight without getting ripped open unlike the paper bags.

So the plastic ban has had a positive impact that this new technology has been put in daily use and thereby having a huge positive impact on environment  Of course this is only the beginning and only if such  technology is used by one and all - be it the shops or the consumer -  would there be a sustained impact on the environment.


Dr.Purushothaman said...

Thulasi Nair

My Travelo said...
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My Travelo said...

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Peejay said...

Definitely all need to adopt its usage. The important factor is the cost effectiveness.

Anil Yadav said...

I agree with you Peejay.

Ramaa said...

I am interested in this product called 100% COMPOSTABLE BAGS. Where is the dealer in Bangalore ???

Ramaa said...

I am interested in this product called 100% COMPOSTABLE BAGS. Where is the dealer in Bangalore ???

Nayak Suvarna said...

I have tried to compost this in our compost bin. This is not compostable. Did any news try this?