Tuesday 26 March 2013

Hyderabad on My Mind

I visited the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad a long time back. I can now recollect only a few things about the trip. It was an official trip so searching for hotels in Hyderabad was not my job. This trip also belonged to a time when finding information on the net was not that common. If I have to now find information related to Hyderabad hotels internet would be my first stop.

A clean hotel room is a priority

What do I remember most from the trip? Obviously the biggest draw was the Charminar. I wonder how the area would have changed in the last 10 years or so. Or maybe it has not changed that much? The second most prominent thing was the food. Even though I did not have much time I did try local cuisine. As I can eat non vegetarian food I had much more options than my vegetarian friends.

But coming back to hotels not much have changed in the Indian scenario. It was difficult to find a clean budget hotel then, it still remains so. It has become a bit easier to locate offers (like makemytrip offers 3 star hotels in Hyderabad) and many travel booking sites are grouping hotels by stars or price range but the ground reality hardly seems to have changed.

My experience in other countries tells me that Indian hotels are way too overpriced and are no where comparable in providing services. For example in UK I have stayed in B&Bs starting from pound 39 and they were spotlessly clean. They included free wifi for the guests and served breakfast that was really a feast.
Now in India if I spend three to four thousand rupees I am still not sure about the cleanliness or the quality of the service or food. I am not saying that there are no clean mid range hotels in India but finding them feels like such a task!

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