Sunday 17 March 2013

T3 and T1: The Two Airport Saga in Delhi

Did it ever happen to you that you went to pick up someone at T3 where as their flight was arriving on T1C? (Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport has two terminals.)  Personally it has not happened to me but I know people who have done this.

ITC Green Lounge at T3

There are advantages and disadvantages of having two airports in the city. I mean carriers like Air Asia do not even fly out of Delhi as the airport charges are so high here. And all budget carriers fly out of 1D as it helps to provide cheap air tickets to the customers! Booking tickets online is another way to find cheap flight tickets. But I do hope Air Asia comes to Delhi eventually. Otherwise flying to south to take a flight almost nullifies the cheap air ticket I may get on Air Asia.

But getting back to having two airports I still do not have a preference. All international flights anyway depart from T3 even for carrier like IndiGo whose domestic flights otherwise depart from T1D. Is it sounding a little confusing by now? Well not really if you live in the NCR! For domestic flights both airports are close by. So it doesn't matter which airport one is flying from.

There was a time in the past when the eating options at T1D were not that good. Not any longer. There is a food court at level 1 and you get Costa Coffee, KFC etc . However my favorite is a South Indian joint called Vango. I always take their plain dosa combo which has a plain dosa, an idili and a vada along with filter coffee for about Rs 180. I almost never manage to catch up on breakfast even for 11.00 am flight so Vango is a favorite stop.

So as of now I am quite neutral between flying out of T3 or T1. 


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