Monday 4 March 2013

Sufi Music by Sabri Brothers

Yesterday evening I was able to listen live the Sabri Brother's Sufi music for the first time and what a performance it was! The Sufi music in the form of Qawwali lifted ones spirits. Among the singers the best was Farid Sabri who had magic in his voice.

Sufi Music by Sabri Brothers

They sang several Qawwali's. Among the best that I liked was Amir Khusro's 'Chaap Talak Sab Chini'. I have recorded it partly here -

The brothers have sang several songs for the Bollywood as well over the years. Another song that they sang was Wohi Fir Hamein Yaad Aane Lage Hain -

Another all time hit was Der Na Ho Jaaye -

Aaja ve Mahi Tera Rasta Udikdiyan was equally famous-

The Sabri Brothers are from Jaipur Gharana and should not be confused with the Pakistani group by the same name.

The event was organised by the TOI as the Times Gurgaon Festival.

I wish there are more such performances on a regular basis in the NCR area.

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