Sunday 13 July 2014

The Gates of Farrukhnagar - Dilli Dawaza & Jhajjar Darwaza

Farrukhnagar is a small sleepy little town close to the millennium city of Gurgaon. The famous Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is part of the Farrukhnagar block.

Jhajjar Gate, Farrukhnagar

It is a Mughal era town which lost its importance to its neighbour Gurgaon after independence. The town has several heritage buildings like the Sethani Ki Chattri (cenotaph), Sheesh Mahal built in 1711, Ali Ghosh Khan ki Baoli (stepwell) built in the 1730’s .

Dilli Darwaza, Farrukhnagar with vegetable market in the front

In fact the town still has several old houses and havelis, though some of them in utter state of disrepair now. About the other monuments I have already written in my previous posts.

Crumbling structure of the Delhi Gate, Farrukhnagar

There are few darwaza’s (gates) which were built for either celebrating a particular victory in a war or others that were protective in nature. The Jhajjar Gate is right above the Ali Ghosh Khan ki Baoli. As the name suggest this gate is to welcome/stop visitors from the Jhajjar side (a small town in Haryana). In fact both the gate as well as the stepwell needs to be protected from the vehicular movement that passes right over them. Some restoration work has taken places for both these sites by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

Shops right inside the Delhi Gate, Farrukhnagar

The Delhi Gate (Dilli Darwaza) used to be the gateway to Farrukhnagar and is a huge structure but unfortunately it is in utter neglect and some of the side walls and roof is falling down. The huge wooden spiked gates may crumble down any time. Shopkeepers have encroached upon the place inside the gate and I could see several small shops operational here.

The crumbling spiked door of the Delhi Gate, Farrukhnagar

On the Delhi side of the gate is a vegetable market presenting a colourful look to the place with vendors selling local produce while on the other side of the gate the shops sell agricultural implements and other stuff. One has to pass through this gate to reach the Sheesh Mahal and the Sitaram temple.

With Farrukhnagar being so close to Delhi, Haryana Tourism department should develop the heritage sites so that it can attract a lot of tourists and can also generate revenue (only if these are well managed!).

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