Saturday 13 July 2013

The Changing Moods of Hauz Khas Lake

I have been to Hauz Khas several years back. But during the recent visit as I had the camera with me I was able to click the lake in its various moods.

Hauz Khas Lake

Hauz means water tank (or a pond or lake) and Khas means special. So it is a special or royal tank meant for the rulers. Originally the tank was much larger than it is today and according to the rock plaque at the site the ruined pavilion or the Munda Gumbad on a mound in the north west corner of the tank was in the middle of the water. Originally called Hauz-e-Alai the tank was excavated under the orders of Alauddin Khalji (1296-1316 AD) for the use of the inhabitants of Siri. Siri was the second city of Delhi founded by Alauddin Khalji. Later on, however, the channels leading to the tank got silted and the tank dried up. Then in the mid-14th Century Feroz Shah restored the water supply to the tank and built a madrasa next to the tank.

Ducks & their Ducklings at Hauz Khas lake 

The water tank also is a host to several ducks and their ducklings. Though majority of the ducks are white there are some spot-billed ducks as well. The ducklings are yellow and they will shed their lovely colours with age.

Hauz Khas lake with the buildings in the background

When I was there I saw the lake change colours as per the mood of the sky. At the beginning the lake was looking a dark green due to the reflection of the trees that are in the middle of the lake as well as those that surround it.

Evening glow after rains on the Hauz Khas Lake

Then all of a sudden from a sunny day clouds emerged and it started drizzling and it became dark. After the rain there was a glowing red tinge in the sky and the mood of the lake changed accordingly.

Serene Hauz Khas lake at sunset

I had thought that since it has become so dark and then the evening tinge in the sky that the sun must have already set but as I was sitting on the fifth floor of a restaurant building I saw the sunset as the clouds vanished and the lake and its surroundings preparing for a night of rest. It was beautiful to watch the lake change its moods and colours in just a few hours so dramatically.


Flying Fox said...
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Flying Fox said...

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Siddhartha Joshi said...

I have some nice memories of the lake. Use to practice running around for the marathon :)

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beautiful lake.. White Rafting