Thursday 13 June 2013

Garud Chatti Temple, Rishikesh

Garud Chatti temple is on the Neelkanth road near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. Next to the temple is the path leading to the beautiful Garud Chatti Waterfalls in the Rajaji National Park.

Garud Chatti Temple, Brahampuri

Though the temple is very small but what I liked about the temple were the reflections created in the water body that encircles the temple from three sides. The water has been brought by making channel higher up from one of the Garud Chatti waterfalls itself.

Garud Chatti temple  & its reflection in water

While I was looking at the temple and clicking pictures there was hardly anyone there and the temple was a picture of serenity. But then all of a sudden I noticed a group of locals approaching by foot and there was a big crowd that gathered at the temple.

Devotees approach the temple to the accompaniment of music

The devotees marched to the accompaniment of local music that was pleasing to the ears. The instruments included dhols and even bagpipes.

Devotees throng the Garud Chatti temple

The temple as the name suggests is made for the devotees of Garuda, an eagle like mythical bird that was the mode of transport of Lord Vishnu, a Hindu God.

The reflection of Garud Chatti temple and the hill

Once the devotees left, the temple was again a picture of serenity.

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