Sunday 2 June 2013

Gates of Ranthambore Fort

The Ranthambore fort is situated amidst the tiger sanctuary and is well protected by seven gates – Navlakha Pol, Hathi Pol, Ganesh Pol, Andheri Pol, Suraj Pol, Delhi Pol and Sat Pol.

Navlakha Pol

The gates or Pols as they are called in Rajasthan are in sucession to one another. The first one is the Navlakha Pol.

Ganesh Pol

In case one of the gates was conquered by the enemy the inhabitants use to fall back and defense strategy was concentrated on the next gate.

Hathi Pol with the Head of the Traitor

Most of the gates have strong huge nails embedded in the gates so that in case the enemy was using the elephants to tear down the gates then the elephant would not be able to attack due to these huge nails. The Hathi Pol is specifically named in reference to this.

Andheri Pol

Next to the Hathi Pol there is a statue of the traitor and the story goes that the king got it installed there to remind the people of the consequences to be meted out to the traitors. There was a tradition that people use to throw stones on this statue while passing along the Hathi Pol.

Leading from Andheri Pol

The fort along with its gates are being maintained by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). This fort has been built in the 5th Century and despite utter neglect still stands tall surrounded by beautiful water bodies and jungle.

Unnamed Pol?

This last gate is next to the Dargah Kazi Peer Janab Sadrud-Din on one side and a pond on the other side.

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