Thursday 27 June 2013

Full Fare Airlines- Why Should I Fly Them?

Indian Airlines and Jet Airways are the two full fare airlines of India. Now as a conscious budget traveler I look for low fare rather than anything else in a domestic flight. And with so many comparison sites coming up finding low fares is a bit easier. Though because of the high numbers of websites it also sometimes feels like a very frustrating exercise.

How do you pick up your airlines?

I have experience of flying both with Indian Airlines and Jet Airways.  But the honest verdict for a 2 hour (two and a half hour most for a domestic flight) flight is that I neither care for the food nor entertainment for this short duration. These days Delhi Airport (from where I frequently fly) has decent eating options so I don’t care whether the airline serves a meal on board or not.  I have never been a frequent flyer so the reward programs also don’t interest me.

The one thing I look out for in an airline is on time performance. And in that case I prefer Indigo. I am not sure if their record is really better or if it is their advertising but Indigo has my attention when it comes to on time performance.

How did I end up flying Jet and Indian Airlines still? It has happened to me quite more than once that the cheapest fare that I found via comparison sites was on Indian Airlines. Then there used to be some routes, and there are still some, where only Indian Airlines cover the destinations. So Indian Airlines it was! I personally never had a bad experience with them but when I read the news of their pilots getting locked out with air hostesses in charge of the cockpit I really get scared. Still the allure of cheap fares have made me fly Indian Airlines in the past and maybe I will fly with them in the future too. With Jet is has been always on business, when someone else booked the ticket.

What do you think? How do you pick up your airlines?


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