Sunday 9 October 2011

Puran Singh Da Dhaba - Revisited

In the last week I had to cross Ambala twice and what better food, if you are a non-vegetarian, than that of  Puran Singh Da Dhaba which of course I had both the times!

The food was as delicious as it was during my first experience. See my earlier post on the Dhaba for greater details.

Keema Kaleji, Mutton & Chicken Curry and at Puran Singh

The slight difference is that the mutton curry prices have gone up slightly but that is to be expected what with the general inflation.

The eatery is open only from seven in the morning till four in the evening.

What the Dhaba needs to do on an urgent basis is to renovate its outer and interiors as it seems that it has not even done white-washing for quite some time.

As it is the nearby dhabas which also claim to be the authentic ones are now advertising that they have been visited and recommended by the famous duo of Rocky and Mayur of the 'Highway on My Plate' fame.  

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