Friday 28 October 2011

Pray Without Effort?

You see the waterfall in the photo below that I have also mentioned in one of my earlier posts (Nature) and a temple complex can also be seen in the foreground. The stoutly devoted ones make the effort to get out of their cars or any other means of transport and walk the very short distance to pay their obeisance and also to donate some money.

Waterfall with a temple in the foreground

What I also noticed was that the pujari (temple priest) of this complex has put a contraption right on the railing of the bridge so that those who do not have the energy, time or inclination to stop and walk to the temple can at least donate the money right on the road! Notice the metal box next to the temple flag. The metal box has a slit for the money to be inserted and also has a canopy so that the money is safe from the elements specifically rain. The priests seems to be a real innovative person ensuring a steady income!

Innovative Donation Box Next to the flag

The temple and the waterfall are approximately nine kilometers before Renuka on the Nahan-Renuka Major District Road in the district of Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh.. 

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