Saturday 31 May 2014


In the scorching summers that are currently sweeping northern India one needs to have some water constantly specifically if one moves out of the comforts of their homes.

Drinking water outside a government office 

Now some of you may carry water bottle flasks that would have chilled water from your refrigerators (and most likely purified by the water purifiers that most Indians in metropolitan areas now install in their homes) but majority of Indian office goers in smaller towns still drink the water from the earthen pots kept outside the offices. Even to this day very few offices have water coolers to have cold water available to its staff and for general public.

No doubt the water kept in this earthen pots (called matka, ghada, surahi in local language) is much cooler as the water escaping the pot from its small pores when evaporates keep the pot and the water within cooler than its surroundings. Or maybe the local governments 'think' it would give employment to people as they have to hire someone to keep refilling the water time and again!

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