Thursday 10 April 2014

I used my finger. Did you?

I was among the first ones to go out to exercise my right to choose the most suitable candidate in my constituency to become a Member of Parliament. 

Power of the finger (the indelible ink is put so that someone does not vote more than once)

I suggest that if you have not already voted then do so as there is still time (voting goes on till 6 PM) and make a difference. Do not consider it as a mere holiday but a holiday where you can make the difference.

Voters at one of the booths
Choose the candidate who is educated and can make the saner voiced be heard in the Parliament. Chose the one who thinks about development of the country instead of 'development of the self'.

Voters at another booth

This time the voting for the Indian Parliament would be a nine phase one and it has already started on the 7th of this month and continues till mid-May. That is when all the results would be announced. Let us hope that we get better Parliamentarians this time.

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