Thursday, 28 February 2013

Please Switch Off Your Mobile Phones Now

I have seen many people working furiously at airports and in flights. I am not one of them. When I leave home sometimes it feels like a real effort to get out with thousand and one things pending, which are urgent as well. But once I am out of the house I like to leave things behind. I thought that was the purpose of travel anyway.

I start relaxing at the airport itself as I usually check in way ahead of time. Still there would be calls going on, sometimes related to work as well. That is why I love those words which all airlines in India (and everywhere else) say- “please switch off your mobile phones now.”

Time to relax!

Once the flight takes off, be it SpiceJet, IndiGo, Indian Airlines, Go Air or any other I am almost always left with nothing to do which is usually good thing. That is why I want a break, because otherwise there are way too many things that simply need to be done.

Once in air I would prefer to read, day dream, watch a movie etc and it feels so different from the daily routine. I often feel that it is in air that I am able to disconnect from my day to day life and it feels refreshingly good.

I have heard that some airlines wish to introduce cell phone services in flight. Or is it that some of them globally have already introduced it? I am not sure. I am watching this development without any enthusiasm. After all, if I cannot stay disconnected for half a day what kind of life I am leading? And to think of it, cell phones anyway came into existence when I was already working for many years! I used to manage well before and I can still mange without them for a while!


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