Sunday 3 June 2012

Queen Elizabeth Park

The Queen Elizabeth Park is among the most beautiful and well maintained parks in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Queen Elizabeth Park

The day I went there it was drizzling so there were few visitors and I had the park more or less to myself! The park is spread over over 130 acres and was so named in July 1940 after the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939.

Water fountain with Bloedel Conservatory 

The triodetic dome of the Bloedel conservatory is filled with exotic plants, flowers, fish and birds. The park is also famous for being the highest point in Vancouver at a height of above 500 ft above sea level!


The two lakes in the park have several Mallards. They have gray body and chestnut brown breast. And as you can see in the photo their heads are green (in the males of the species which as is usual among the birds are more colorful then the females).Their legs and feet are orange in color.

Contrasting Colors

A tree inside the park

Red Berries

Canada is known to have all kinds of berries - be it the blueberry, strawberries, blackberries and the wild berries. 

Japanese Maple 

The park has several varieties of the ubiquitous maple tree. Of course the maple leaf is also the symbol on the national flag of Canada.

View of Park with Lake

A Fountain

As it was raining while I was trekking inside the park I saw that the rain water was forming this fountain.

Reflections in the second lake in the Park

A Stone Sculpture in the Park

Seasons in the Park

One has plenty of dining options within the Park and its restaurant Seasons in the Park is very famous.

Overall I enjoyed the trek inside the park and especially in the winter rains!

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