Sunday 27 February 2011

Ameya Live Performance

Today I watched the AMEYA group giving live performance at Dilli Haat in Delhi. Ameya is a new and upcoming group which has a great potential.

Ameya Rock Group
 Ameya means boundless and this rock group's music is refreshing. This is a five member team and each alphabet also denotes a particular member of the band. The group comprises of Abhishek the vocalist, Vikram the guitarist, Arsh the keybaord guy, Shiva the drummer and Kabir the guitarist. I am sure they will do well and attain great heights in popularity in the very near future. I wish them all the very best!


AK Bashar said...

Hi Anil, thanks for the blog.. The only thing is that each letter of AMEYA does not denote a particular member of the band. Its just a name..


Anil Yadav said...

Hi Arsh, I was given to understand that it is so though not necessarily by first name or last names but a combination of both.

If it is not so then my apologies for posting the same without verifying the information!

AK Bashar said...

No need of apologies Anil.. Just wanted to clarify so that the right information is shared..
AMEYA is a Sanskrit word which means boundless and that is the only reason why we have kept this name.. :)