Sunday 2 January 2011

Puran Singh Da Dhaba

Recently while driving back from Chandigarh to Delhi I decided to halt at Ambala for lunch and I thought what better place to stop than the Puran Singh Da Dhaba (Puran Singh's restaurant). I knew the location to be near the Ambala Cantonement Bus Stand but when I reached there I saw at least more than ten restaurants claiming to be Puran Singh Da Dhaba. And they all beckoned to come to their place but I ignored them as they looked too swanky.

Puran Singh Da Dhaba

I was aware that the original one that is very famous does not have a great external appearance. Also I started looking for the lady whose son now runs the place (as I had recently seen her on a news channel). I finally found her in the back lane. She was chatting with me and told me that everyone wants to use her (husband's) restaurant's name to make a quick buck. This dhaba is located on the back side of the main road and has a rustic look. The dhaba was established in the late nineteen forties by a Punjabi refugee family from the erstwhile west Punjab (now in Pakistan).

VIshal Khatri with Mother (Wife of Puran Singh)

The Dhaba serves only three non-vegetarian dishes - keema kaleji (minced meat with liver), mutton curry and chicken curry. I ordered the first two with tandoori rotis (Indian bread). I found the two dishes absolutely delicious and good in quantity. It was a better fare than any restaurant food that I have eaten in Delhi and the price was may be one-third of what one has to pay in Delhi. In fact the waiter came and served another round of gravy without any further charge!

Mutton Curry and Keema Kaelji at Puran Singh

You can watch the full video of the show of the famous food critic and Indian film actor and director Kunal Vijaykar on how to cook Keema Kaleji at Puran Singh Da Dhaba.

According to Mrs Puran Singh several celebrities are regular visitors to her Dhaba.

All non vegetarian eaters must visit this place if they cross Ambala on the way.


Vikrant Srivastava said...

Puran Singh Dhaba food is something we never forget as we make it a point to have it whenever we visit chandigarh by road. We make it a point to have one meal at Ambala and relish their mutton curry which is very yummy.

Unknown said...

Looking so delicious. When we will be having road trip to that side, we will definitely visit this dhaba. 3 star hotels in jaipur

garima said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information.
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