Saturday 19 December 2009

Rajgarh: Pretty as a Peach?

In October this year I decided to spend Diwali time away from the noise and pollution that accompanies this Indian festival in Delhi. So I decided to head to Rajgarh, an unknown town as far as the tourists circuits go.

Rajgarh Town from Higher Up

Rajgarh is a small town in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh at an average elevation of 1555 meters (5102 feet ). Rajgarh is about 350 kms from Delhi, 100 kms from Chandigarh and 39 kms from Solan. One has to leave the Chandigarh - Shimla national highway 22 at Solan and take a State Highway road for Rajgarh via Ochhghat and Giripul.

A really old house (abandoned) in Rajgarh

Peach Cultivation

The main income sources for the people here are the sale of peaches, other stone fruits and vegetables and wood and wood byproduct like turpentine oil etc.

Resin being extracted from Pine

Dish Dish Everywhere
Himachal, including Sirmour, is comparatively a more affluent state and one can find homes even away from the towns having access to modern means of communication and entertainment

Trekkers Hotel, Rajgarh

The board in the above photo though says Rest House (pointing to the right) as the PWD rest house is next to the Trekkers Hostel.

Initially when I went to Rajgarh I had pre-booked to stay in the Himachal Tourism's accommodation called the Trekkers Hostel. The accommodation is fine but I was in a for a shock as when I reached there they told me that they have no cooks (and therefore no meals) as this is Diwali time and the cook has gone on leave. Rajgarh does not have much to boast of as far as eating joints are concerned. How can you do this to a customer who has paid in advance for your services. Nowhere on the site of Himachal Tourism is it mentioned that this facility is not available. So after two days of staying there I checked out and stayed in a local hotel which had a good cook who served excellent food.


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