Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Old Calton Cemetery

Cemeteries can be beautiful places to visit where the environment is serene and it is never too crowded and it also gives you a glimpse of the local history.

Old Calton Cemetery with the Calton Hill in the background

One such cemetery I visited is the Old Calton Cemetery in the town of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is walking distance from the famous monuments of the Calton Hill, considered the Athens of the North. The Calton Hill is visible from the Cemetery and if one has gone to the Calton Hill then the Cemetery is also visible from there.
Erected in memory of David Hume in 1778

The Calton Cemetery is nearly 300 years old and is the resting ground of some of the famous personalities of Edinburgh. Prominent among these is the philosopher David Hume who is considered an important figure in the history of Western Philosophy.

Another view of the Calton Cemetery

Besides him other important persons buried here are the historical painter David Allan, actor William Woods, publisher William Blackwood and clergyman Robert Candish, among others.

Old Calton Cemetery

The Old Calton Cemetery really gave an insight into the history of Scotland mainly of the 18th and 19th Century.

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