Thursday 20 February 2014

Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery, Himachal

I recently visited Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery which is run by the Mahabodhi Society and is probably one of the smallest monasteries that I have seen in Himachal.

Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery, Himachal

This monastery is located on the Kandaghat-Chail road in the district of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The monastery is located amidst agricultural fields with nice view of the surrounding hills and mountains.

The entrance to Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

I have been told that it functions more as a nunnery but I did not see any nuns around but there were two lamas with whom I interacted. There is an impressive gate at the entrance with Buddhist motifs.

The four harmonious friends

In one of the drawings one could see and elephant on whom a monkey is riding on top of which there is a rabbit and at the topmost end is a bird. This probably is a story of the four harmonious friends in the tales of Buddhism.

A giant statue of Buddha at Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

On this site there are couple of huge statues of Buddha and its incarnation and one huge prayer wheel.

Prayer wheel at Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

When you reach the monastery you are greeted by two very friendly dogs who want to play with you.

Hem Thakur playing with the dogs

On the first floor of the monastery there is a small room for prayers and on the second floor there is another statue of one of the incarnations of Buddha.

Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

Inside the prayer room on the second floor are various very interesting masks which I presume are used during the dances held periodically.

The masks at Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

It is comparatively a new monastery and very few people visit it either due to lack of knowledge or due to the fact that it is not on the main route to Shimla. I had stayed with the Hail Himalayas during this trip.

View of the surroundings from Jangchub Rabtenling Monastery

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