Saturday 22 February 2014

Travel on my mind

Whenever I have to make a decision to book flights- be it domestic or international - it becomes a herculean task for me to decide how to look for the best route, suitable timings of the flights and on top of that how to book cheap air tickets as I am of the opinion that I would rather take a cheaper flight and spend the money thus saved on hotels and other travel expenses.

View of London from the sky

Also it is very important to plan your travel well in advance especially when you have to fly abroad as the earlier you book a ticket the better and cheaper would be the price. Also normally weekend flights would cost you more than the weekdays so if you are not specifically bound by the dates choose for the weekday flight.

Even now most of the Indian travellers still go physically to a travel and tour operator thinking that these agencies would be able to get them the best deals possible. But how wrong they could be! Now there are innumerable online sites, including those of the Airline carriers themselves as well as several metasearch sites which offer much better rates and you can book the flights from the comfort of your home. The advantage of a metsearch site over the airline sites is that for airlines you have to go one by one to their respective pages and then do mental arithmetic as to the best options available whereas the metasearch sites give you information of multiple airlines on the same page with comparisons. As I am already planning on a vacation in the summers I found one such site which is very user friendly where I found that flights for Malaysia from India are as cheap as less than Rs 9000. And one can also book hotels from the same sites with plenty of options available.

So what are you waiting for? If you intend to travel start booking your tickets now.

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