Saturday 2 November 2013

A Beautiful Fort in Rajasthan

While travelling from Jahazpur to Tonk in Rajasthan I noticed this beautifully located fort. The fort is located on top of an almost perfectly conical hill.

Strategically located fort

When I saw this I wanted to climb up the hill to explore the inside of the fort but came to know that the fort is not only closed but is in a dilapidated state and no one looks after it anymore. The location gives the fort not only the view of the entire surroundings but also due to it location on top of such a hill it would have been very difficult for the enemy to climb up facing the barrage of artillery and other weapons to launch an attack.

Difficult for the enemy to attack on such a fort

Now I wonder why such a beautifully located fort has been neglected either by the archaeologists or if it is owned by an individual why not maintain and renovate it and turn it into a heritage hotel.

If any of the readers of this post know the name of the fort then do let me know.

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