Tuesday 26 November 2013

A Walk in the LAKES - The Windermere Walk

Most people who visit Windermere normally either go to the main pier or take a boat ride but that is not what I had in mind when I went there.

Panoramic view of the Lake District

I decided to go for a small trek and that also on the other side of Windermere as it is the opposite side that attracted me as it has hills, serenity, less tourists and some trails through thick vegetation amidst picturesque scenery.

Dense vegetation on the Windermere trail

Windermere is a small town in the Lake District of England that can be reached either by bus or the train and can be a base for venturing further into the Lake District. Lake District is a vast area abounding outstanding natural beauty, several big and small lakes, hills and undulating plains.

View of the Windermere Lake from higher up

Once I reached the main pier of the Windermere I walked further along the edge of the lake and reached a point from where one can take a ferry to cross the lake. And unlike the boat ride for the tourists the ferry only charges 50 pence to take you across. There is only one ferry boat which goes and comes back at a point that is narrow and therefore takes only 10 minutes to cross.

Wild Flowers on the trail

After crossing the lake there is another short walk along a pond. The pond, though adjoining the lake, should not be confused with the Windermere lake as the lake is almost 17 kms long (probably the largest in UK) and due to action of the wind there is always tides like in the ocean. The pond's water is shallow comparatively and therefore still and serene.

A beautiful reflection

After leaving the road there is a steep trail that I took for my trek which took me through dense vegetation. Once I reached the top I could see vast stretches of the lake and the surrounding beautiful countryside.

Way to go

One can, if one is used to finding ones way, make their own trail. I saw a beautiful reflection in a very small pond formed naturally near the highest point of my trek. Also climbed further up some hills where there was no trail also.

Angling by the Windermere Lake

After covering a distance on the ridge I climbed down to the lake. Now this side of the lake is less crowded and people use this side for angling, camping and other leisure activities.

I would definitely recommend this side of the lake and the hills for any leisure or adventure activities.

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