Sunday 17 November 2013

The Unique Gurudwara at Sussaan

On the occasion of Guru Purab I present to you a unique Gurudwara - Baba Jawahar Dass Ji- at Sussaan.

Gurudwara Baba Jawahar Dass Ji

The Gurudwra is located at Sussaan in the district of Hoshairpur in Punjab. A huge fair in remembrance to the saint is held every year and devotees visit this place in thousands.

Lower portion of Nishaan Sahib

The Nishaan Sahib's lower portion has some very interesting artifacts like bangles, babies tricycles, chuda and parandi etc.that the devotees tie on it to make a wish

Nishaan Sahib

It is believed that when the Nishaan Sahib is raised it is only partly done so by men and the rest gets raised on its own (This is a belief of the locals).

Inside the Gurudwara

Unlike other Gurudwaras it also has the statue of its local Guru (Baba Ji) which is revered by the locals a lot.

Baba Jawahar Dass Ji
The devout come from far off places to make a wish and when their wish comes true they again come here to thank the Baba Ji.

Sussaan Gurudwara from outside

This Gurudwara is not much on the tourist radar (except for the locals who visit in huge numbers) as it is quite far away from any major town although it is located in a beautiful village setting. Interestingly there is also a Sufi Mazaar inside the Gurudwara compound.

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