Monday 28 October 2013

Clitheroe Castle, Lancashire

Clitheroe is a small and sleepy little town with a small market, couple of churches and most important of all the Clitheroe Castle. I have not seen a smaller castle elsewhere!

The Clitheroe Castle

The building is the oldest structure in Lancashire. The main advantage of the castle, as is true for most castles, is that as it stands on a 35 metre high outcrop it gives the viewer a bird's eye view of not only the town spread on all sides of the castle but also the nearby countryside and hills.

Clitheroe Town Centre

The castle in itself is a small structure.  The Clitheroe Castle also has a museum depicting local history.

Clitheroe Castle & the Hole in its Wall

A hole was created by the government in 1649 so that it is 'neither a charge nor a danger to keep it'.

View of Town & Pendle Hill from the Clitheroe Castle

From the castle I was also able to see the countryside including the Pendle Hill, the name that became famous for the Pendle witches trials as the persons involved came from this area.

Clitheroe Town from Clitheroe Castle

As the town is near the forests of Bowland it becomes a starting point for the tourists to visit the area of outstanding natural beauty.

Memorial of  World War with the town below

The gates, entrance gardens and the statue in the garden have been made in memory of the townsfolk of Clitheroe who gave their lives during the first and the second World War.

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