Sunday 20 October 2013

The Shard of London- Tallest or Ugliest?

London is not an enchanting destination for me as comparatively I would prefer to go to cities like Oxford, Cambridge or Edinburgh as London is in some sense as metropolitan a city as any other in other parts of the world.

The Shard

But still London has some attractive places like the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and few others. But to my surprise when I visited London this time I also found an addition to its buildings by the name of Shard which is visible from almost all parts of London.

View of London from the Skyloft

As I am a person who prefers to see a city on foot I visited several parts of the city and I was able to see the Shard from various locations.

The Shard from Tower of London

The Shard is, at 87 floors, undoubtedly the tallest building in Europe. But in my opinion it is also one of the ugliest buildings in London and elsewhere as well.

The Shard from the Millennium Bridge

As the name of the building suggest it does look like a shard of glass. This pyramidal tower near the London Bridge is 306 meters tall.

View from my room - the Shard is on extreme left

One can even go up to the restaurant or the observation deck on the 72nd floor to see the sights of London. The older buildings are much more appealing to the eye compared to the Shard!

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