Sunday 22 July 2012

Parliament House of Victoria

The construction of the BC Parliament House started in 1893 and was considered complete in 1897 during the Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee by architect Francis Rattenbury.

Parliament House - Victoria

The building is in Victoria, capital of British Columbia in Canada and houses the Legislative Assembly of the state of British Columbia.

Grand Entrance to the Parliament House

The Parliament House is located on the banks of Inner Harbour. Close to this building is also the Royal British Columbia Museum and the Undersea Gardens.
The Rotunda of BC Parliament Building

The murals depict the British Columbia history. Some of the murals have now been hidden from the public view as they are offensive to the aboriginals of the land.

A Reflection of the inside of Parliament House in the Ball Ornament

The first floor of the building provides a grand view of the harbour as well as the city.

The Legislative Chamber

I was amazed by the lack of security personnel and nightmare of security checks and rechecks that happen when you go to an Indian Parliament House or even a legislative assembly. 

Glass Painting

The  lone policeman outside the building was very courteous and there was also no fee to visit the building. Inside there is a small souvenir shop as well.

A Royal Guard!

The architectural style of the Parliament House of British Columbia is Neo-Baroque.

View of the Parliament House from the RBC Musuem

The Parliament House complex also has few totem poles on its grounds.

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