Sunday, 6 April 2014

Jaisamand Lake near Alwar, Rajasthan

The Jaisamand lake is an artificial lake near Alwar in Rajasthan that has been built to store water from the overflow of the Ruparel river and to use the water during the parched summer months.
Jaisamand Lake, Alwar

The lake is about six kms from Alwar on the way to Silserh lake and Sariska Tiger Reserve. There is a minor village road leading to this place. As I had driven from Delhi therefore connectivity was not an issue with me. I had stayed at the Silserh Lake Palace Hotel from which point the Jaisamand Lake is not very far. There is almost no traffic on this road either of the tourists or of the locals so if you want some solitude amidst beauty then this is the place for you. Do not expect any eatables etc to be available here. If you want to spend some time here then bring your own water and eatables.

View of the embankment from one of the Cenotaphs at Jaisamand Lake

What is interesting here is that instead of a drab embankment normally found on such lakes the Jaisamand lake embankment has beautiful chattris (cenotaph) made all along its 1.5 km stretch adding immense beauty to the place. The reflection of the chattris on the water is beautiful. The central cenotaph is the largest of them and much more work has been done on this compared to the other chattris.

The central cenotaph and other smaller ones in the background

Though at one time this lake was considered to be amongst the largest artificial lakes in Asia sadly now it is nowhere its original size as the water now is very less and most of the land has been taken over for cultivation. I saw locals using inflated tubes of truck tyres as dinghies in an innovative way and collecting fish and weeds and some water vegetables.

Jaisamand lake and the cenotaphs

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