Thursday 13 March 2014

A Walk Along the Glasson Waterway in Lancashire, UK

The last time I was in Lancashire I was able to go for a walk along one of the inland network of British waterways.

Galgate Marina

UK has a good network of waterways and normally there is a path next to them to walk along. I went for the walk on the Glasson branch, which is a part of the Lancaster canal of the British waterways.

Galgate to Lancaster waterway

While walking from the Galgate towards Preston side and then further taking a detour towards the Thurnham Hall side I observed that there are lot of Britishers who love to do boating or just to laze around in the sun where they have moored their boats. And in the evening either they play with their dogs or open a wine bottle and enjoy the scenery.

A house along the waterway

From Galgate one can walk till the Lancaster town which is about five miles along the waterway and is a beautiful trek to do. Else one can go in the opposite direction towards Garstang which is seven and Preston 24 miles from Galgate.  Another route that one can take is the Thurnham Hall upto Glasson Basin which is about 3 miles from Galgate.

Glasson Branch towards Thurnham & one of the six locks

The Glasson branch has six locks and a tidal sea lock to control the flow of water. You would be surprised that Galgate not only has berth holder facilities that are available but even  laundry is available. Galgate is just couple of miles from Lancaster University.

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