Sunday 13 April 2014

London Eye at Night

This 135 meter high giant ferris wheel was the highest observation point in London after its erection in 1999 till it was surpassed by the Shard built in 2013.

London Eye at Night

Located on the south bank of the river Thames it is known by various names like the London Eye, Millennium Wheel or the British Airways London Eye. The obvious function of the wheel is to give a bird’s eye view to tourist of the sights of the city of London.

London Eye with Palace of Westminster and Big Ben and the Thames river

The above photo was taken from the 24th floor restaurant of a building located right on the Thames giving me a perspective of not only the river Thames and its traffic but also in one frame itself the London Eye ferris wheel, the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben.

London Eye During Daytime

What is interesting is the view of the ferris wheel itself from various angles and times of the day.

Reflection of the London Eye on the Thames

It looks the most beautiful at night as it is lit by blue and orange lights and the reflection of the same in the water of the Thames is just fantastic.

Another view of the Millennium Wheel 

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