Monday 9 December 2013

Llandudno - the Queen of Welsh Resorts

Wales overall is a beautiful area and within that Llandudno in the North Wales is the Queen of the Welsh Resorts.

Llandudno seen from the Great Orme with Little Orme in the left background

Llandudno is the largest seaside resort in the Wales and lies in the Conwy County Borough. Conwy is famous for the Conwy Castle. Llandudno lies at the limestone headland known as the Great Orme. So once I reached Llandudno my first priority was to climb the Great Orme from where one gets great views of the town, sea, promenade, pier and the Little Orme etc.

Llandudno Pier

Now there are four ways to reach the top of Great Orme – one is by the tramway, the other by the cable car (this was not operational at least on the day that I was there – maybe because it was too windy for the cable car), third is by road and last but not the least by foot. I chose the last one as this is the best way to enjoy nature and what fantastic views I got from the Great Orme. It was very windy at the top.

Among the other things to see in Llandudno is the Pier from where one gets good views of the sea as well as the town.

Llandudno Promenade with the Great Orme in the background

Promenade is an equally charming place to walk around with the sea on one side, the town behind you and the Great Orme majestically there on the left and the Little Orme to your right. An Orme in English means sea sepent which the two Orme's are supposed to resemble. The good thing about a good tourist place is that it takes plenty of care to welcome the old and the physically disadvantaged and I could see that Llandudno is taking great care in this aspect. I saw lot many old people using some aid or the other to move around on the promenade and there are plenty of benches for the weary feet to take rest and to admire nature.

Tourist taking a ride to see Llandudno

For the tourists to take a look at the town there are also tourist vehicles that one can take ride in the open air road wagons. The town is bedecked with flowers all the time. Llandudno also generates green energy by means of wind turbines located off shore.

Wind Turbines, Llandudno

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