Saturday 21 December 2013

Lancaster to Morecambe Trail

Given an opportunity and time availability I prefer to walk rather then  taking a bus or other means of travel as you are able to observe nature much more closely in this manner. So when I thought of visiting Morecambe from Lancaster I decided to take a trail.

Lancaster town & River Lune

I got down at the Lancaster coach station and after crossing the town crossed the bridge over the river Lune (which then flows into the Irish Sea). The river stayed on my left side for some distance before it went further left and out of sight.

Lancaster-Morecambe Trail

The trail from Lancaster to Morecambe is approximately five kilometers long and is used both by the cyclists as well as the walkers. So it is advisable to stick to the side meant for walkers as else you may hamper the cyclists going with speed as well as risking both yourself as well as the cyclists.

Wild Fireweed flowers

On both sides of the trail there are nice green trees. If one wants some diversion on the way then in between the two places there are few parks with their own trails! On both sides there were also several kind of wild flowers in bloom lending the trail with further charm.

Wild flowers on the Lancaster-Morecambe trail

Once you reach Morecambe you have to go through very little of the town before you hit the promenade and you get a beautiful view here of the sea as well as the Lakeland Fells.

Morecambe Town & Promenade

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