Saturday 14 December 2013

How do you prepare for your exams?

Exam Preparation

It is currently exam time for many a college students. While driving I saw this girl pillion riding on a bike and studying from a book which she had put on the back of the person in front and was completely oblivious of her surroundings. I found it completely hilarious/funny/risky. One does observe the last minute reading by the students in various situations but nothing like this. This shows emphasis on rote learning in the Indian education system .

How have you prepared for your exams?

Also note that the girl has covered her face and head by a bandanna. Now I find this trend of tying a bandanna by girls of recent origin of say the past 10 years or so. She is not concerned for her safety as else she would have worn a helmet (neither does the local governments worry about the women's safety as by law even they have exempted them from wearing helmets giving strange logic of it being against the religion if one wears helmets - may be the governments want fewer women around and are contributing to the already skewed sex ratio of India!). The sole purpose of girls covering their face is to protect themselves from the sun and thereby keeping their skin 'fair & lovely'. This is the direct result of bombardment of advertisements on the channels about 'fair skins' being admired the most and prompting all girls (and now boys also) to use fairness creams.

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