Thursday 9 May 2013

Sethani Ki Chattri

Sethani Ki Chattri is a memorial cenotaph located at the entrance of the town of Farrukhnagar if one is coming from the Jhajjar side. As the name in Hindi suggests it is a memorial cenotaph built by a merchant in memory of his wife.

Sethani Ki Chattri, Farrukhnagar

The structure is two storeyed and has eight arched openings on each floor. The cenotaph has several beautiful frescoes that have survived the wear and tear with time by nature and man. It has been built in 1861.

Fresco Ceiling

Farrukhnagar town can be reached by taking the Pataudi road from Gurgaon and then further down taking the Jhajjar road. It is about 60 kms from Delhi.

A woman at war

The structure has the architectural blend of both the Rajasthani and Mughal styles. The structure, unfortunately, is in utter state of disrepair and even trees have taken root in the building.

Indian wrestling competition

Indian wrestling has been traditionally a popular sport in India and the same has been depicted in the above fresco.

Trapeze Artists

Another popular theme is the tightrope walk performed by the trapeze artists.

A Lover trying to reach his beloved

The frescoes inside and outside have very interesting and popular Indian motifs and despite the fact that these were painted more than 150 years back they still retain the shine and colour.

Outside walls of the cenotaph

Some of the painted tiles on the outer walls have started falling and need urgent attention.

Why do we spoil our heritage?

And my constant grouse again - Sethani Ki Chattri is also being spoiled by Indians (mainly locals in this instance) like all other monuments in India by scribbling their names and putting comments on the walls. When would we learn to not to spoil the beauty of our ancient heritage?

View of the stepwell from an arch of the cenotaph

Just in front of this cenotaph is the Ali Gosh Khan Baoli or stepwell that has been taken over by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). So why can't the ASI take over this structure as well?

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