Thursday 12 March 2015

A Sneak Peek in the House of a Traditional Thai Village

During my last visit to Thailand I got an opportunity to look at a traditional house, interact with its inhabitants and see the lifestyle in a Thai village about 50 km from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

Traditional Thai village kitchen tools

Thailand is still predominantly an agricultural economy though they are making great strides in the tourism sector. Thailand’s village economy is closely linked to three things – water, forest produce and coconuts. Rice farming and fishing are important activities in a village life.

Lots of windows for air & light

Most village houses are made of wood with one large living room. Only the more well off houses may have separate bedrooms for some of the family members. The houses are normally raised from the ground (could be on stilts as well) to avoid flooding in the house due to excessive rain. Below the raised house often they keep cattle and machinery. The house on the upper level is open on all sides or there are plenty of windows for light and air as in summers the temperatures can shoot up quite and bit and it can become muggy.

A Thai Village living room has plenty of photos of deities, King & Queen and their ancestors

All the photos depict the importance of Buddhism in the life of locals as they are deeply religious. In fact one section of the room is devoted to religious artefacts. One would also find that though the houses are made of wood but each village has a Wat (Buddhist temple) made of concrete which is mostly the grandest structure of the village. Also one often finds the photos of the King and Queen whom most Thais revere a lot. One will also find several photos of their ancestors and family members as well.

A room in a Thai village with a mat & mosquito net

And since there is so much water around the insects are bound to be there! That is why one sees mosquito nets inside the village houses.

Sugar being produced from coconut

I even saw in the house sugar being produced from coconut which was a novel experience for me! Thailand has plenty of waterways and are a means of transportation, irrigation and livelihood for lot many people. One would invariably find a house having some form of stream, pond or mini canal next to the house. Also along the canals one can see several floating markets where the shops come floating to you to sell their wares!

Beautiful Furniture

The furniture is made locally and consists of bamboo and other woods.
A Snake & a Dog

I also found that the house I visited had kept a few large snakes which seemed to be harmless. I am not sure whether they were raising them to be sold or for some other purpose.

Siesta Time?

And during summers what better way to take a siesta than laze on a bamboo made hammock!

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