Saturday 18 January 2014

Birds at Katnalu Creek, Himachal

The Katnalu Creek is a bird watchers paradise. Though when I had initially gone there I was not aware of this fact. I was able to recognize some but not all (I am not an Ornithologist).

Red Billed Blue Magpie

Among the most beautiful bird in this area that I saw was the Red Billed Blue Magpie. Now these birds do not like to be clicked and do fly away the moment you go closer to them.

Red Billed Blue Magpie in Flight

I was staying at the Hail Himalayas and right next to the camp itself there was a group of Magpies so I was able to get some good shots. They have a pretty long tail and the colour blue looks really beautiful. And they look magnificent when in flight!

Orange Flanked Bush Robin

I also saw a couple of Orange Flanked Bush Robin's very close to the camp but it is again difficult to go too close for a good shot.

Orange Flanked Bush Robin

Compared to the first two the White Capped Redstart now actually likes to be photographed! This one I caught while trekking in the Katnalu Creek area close to the Shiva waterfall and it was not at all camera shy.

White Capped Redstart

 Its head is white and upper body part mainly black and brown red under the wings. It can normally be found near some water source and probably that is why it is also known as the White Capped Water Redstart.

White Capped Redstart

I also noticed a group of Black Headed Jay at one particular point on a trek. It was very difficult to take a good shot as they were high up and camouflaging themselves very well in the trees.

Black Headed Jay

I was told by Mr Hem Thakur of the Hail Himalayas that even he has seen this bird variety in this region for the first time. He has a good knowledge of the bird as well as plant life in the mountains.

A Blue Whistling Thrush near the Hail Himalayas campsite

There were several bird species which I was only able recognize but could not photograph while there were others that that I was able to shoot but did not recognize. Both the photos above and below are the ones I could not recognize.

A bird in the Katnalu Creek area

I also saw the green bee eating birds, several Teetar or the Grey Francolin (also called the Grey Partridge), and also a bird which was turquoise green under the wings.

I think I would go another time only with the mission of bird watching so that I have more time and patience which is required for this activity.

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Mridula said...

The second bird from the bottom is a Blue Whistling Thrush.

Anil Yadav said...

Thanks for letting me know Mridula! Greatly appreciated.