Monday 23 September 2013

The Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is among the largest cathedrals not only in UK but in the whole world. Since the cathedral is located on the St. James Mount it is visible from almost all parts of the City; be it the town centre or the piers. 

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

In fact it is better to look at it from some distance as if you get too close to it then you will not be able to capture in completely in your camera frame.

The Cathedral at Liverpool

At 207 yards it is the second longest cathedral in the world after the St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. In terms of volume it is the fifth largest in the world. And with a height of 331 feet it is one of the tallest non-spired church buildings.

Stained glass work at the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is a English Heritage Grade I building which means that it is of international importance. It is also the third tallest building within Liverpool after the West Tower and the Radio City Tower.

Side View of the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool

This Gothic Revival style building’s architect was Giles Gilbert Scott and was built between 1904 to 1978. Scott was known for blending the Gothic style with modernism. He was also the architect of the Waterloo Bridge as well as the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The famous Red Telephone boxes seen across England are also designed by him.

The huge Central Tower of the Liverpool Cathedral

The Cathedral also has a restaurant for fine dining experience and to relax your tired feet after the tour. The church is made at such a grand scale that even sitting in the restaurant and admiring the rock and mirror work can take some time.

The Restaurant entrance

The site location is so spectacular that the church is visible from all locations and dominates the city and yet withdrawn from the main city. And one can view large portions of the city from the vantage point of the cathedral. The Cathedral is very close to the China town and the Liverpool John Moores University. 

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