Thursday 26 September 2013

Spotting a Seal in Morecambe

I was taking a walk on the pier in Morecambe next to the Morecambe Bay Light House and all of a sudden I spotted some movement and realised that it is a sea Seal which has come to the shore.

A Seal in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, UK

I have never seen a Seal out in the open before and it was an experience of a lifetime. The Seal sat on the rocks covered with algae barely 20-25 feet away from me and was there for a considerable time and slid back into the water once the water level started going down due to the ebb in the tide. It looked as if it was having a sun-bathing session! I was also able to capture the movements in a small video which I present here.

A Seal in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, UK

Seals are carnivorous ocean mammals with a sleek body designed for swimming and live in cold regions. They have webbed feet which they use as flippers.

I was talking to a local later on and when I said to him that I have seen a seal here today he first did not believe me. It was only after I showed him the video of the Seal that he said that I am very lucky as in the past several years he himself has never been able to see a Seal despite the fact that he comes on the pier almost daily for a jog.

Morecambe is a small town located on the Morecambe Bay in the Lancashire County in England. It is a popular sea side resort close to the town of Lancaster. I had in fact trekked from Lancaster to Morecambe instead of taking a coach as the walk is always a better way to see a place than a coach or a train. But about that may be I will write a separate post.

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