Sunday 20 May 2012

Winter Delights on Grouse Mountains

Grouse Mountains in winters can be a delight for everyone with an adventure streak. One can ski or ride on its 26 runs.

Skiing on the various slopes of the Grouse Mountains

Ropeways are available for going up the slopes to ski down. You get down and ski without the ropes stopping completely.

Wind Turbine with a view

The wind turbine that you see in the picture serves a double purpose as besides generating electricity it is the world's only turbine that allows one to stand in the clear glass view on top of the tower giving you a 360 degree view.

Ice skating

Ice skating is very popular among the children as well as adults. The ice is compacted every few hours so that the surface is absolutely smooth for  a fun skate.

Snow scootering

For those who would like to have a different kind of adventure snow scooters are there. One can also go on the trails on snow shoes that won't let your feet sink in the soft snow. Mountain ziplining is another popular sport here where you can take a top speed of 80 kms per hour and viewing the beauty of the valley below.

Skyride on Grouse Mountains

The skyride here is the largest aerial tramway system in North America. It takes you an amazing 3700 feet up to give you a bird's-eye view of the region in a matter of minutes.

For availing these adventure activities one has to shell out $58 during daytime. As night time also the facilities are available with all facilities being flood lit the charges are $48. One can see the flood lit Grouse Mountains from the Vancouver city during night.

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