Sunday 27 May 2012

Grouse Mountains & Aboriginal Art

There are several other attractions besides the adventure sports on the Grouse Mountains.

A Bear as big as a tree!

Wood carving as an art seems to be very popular among the aboriginals of British Columbia, be it the totem poles or like the big bear in the photo above which must have been at least 20 feet high.

Reindeer s under observation of man! 

The place also had reindeer's and with the backdrop of massive humans carved out of wood.

A woman inside the tree

Another form of local art I found was that unlike the totem poles which is done on a massive log I also saw some standing trees where a form of human being (like in the photo above) has been carved.

A mask

The locals traditionally used to wear mask like the one above. One can now only see people wearing the mask in one of the festivals that is held. One can buy the mask or other traditional items in the shops that operate on the Grouse Mountains for the tourists.

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Jared Hill said...

That is one gigantic bear sculpture. I’d hate to bump into that sculpture at night, I might think it’s a real one and scream my lungs out!#Aboriginal Art