Thursday 9 July 2015

Birds in my Backyard

It so often happens that in the city life we hardly observe birds either due to the kind of life-style that we lead or due to their dwindling numbers. But when I went to my farmhouse I had the time and opportunity to observe them at close quarters. And mind you I am no bird expert but I did see several birds for the first time and others that I had seen before but not observed their calls or style that closely.

Pied Myna

Noticeable among them were Pied Myna or Indian Pied Starling. It was seen by me for the first time and it has strikingly black and white plumage. 

I also saw Purple Sunbird. Here it is seen drinking the nectar of the pomegranate flower. I even saw it just hovering around in the air and drinking the flower nectar like a stationary hummingbird or like a chopper! 

Purple Sunbird

I also saw for the first time Neelkanth or the Indian Roller Bird. 

Indian Roller Bird or Neelkanth

Brahminy myna or Brahminy starling is normally seen in pairs and seems as if it is wearing a black cap. 

Pair of Brahminy Starling

Woodpecker – have very strong bills that can drill in wood in search of food or for making their homes. 

A Woodpecker

Jungle Babbler - as they flock in a group they are also called the Seven Sisters and jointly they can create quite a racket by their combined chirping noises. 

Jungle Babbler

Peacock is quite common to this area and they generally become quite friendly and can even come and pick food grains from the palm of your hands. 

A Peacock

This Indian Magpie Robin was sitting on a pipe. 

Indian Magpie Robin

Red-vented Bulbul has a dark brown colour and even darker head and as the name suggest it has a red vent. 

Red-vented Bulbul

Of course there were several Rose-ringed parakeet or Indian Ring-neck parakeet or parrots in the area. 

Rose-ringed Parakeets

I was not able to recognise a couple of them. Maybe the readers of this blog may help me in identifying them?

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