Monday 16 June 2014

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland is a treat to one's eyes. The Garden is just a couple of miles away from the city centre and can be reached either by cab or bus.

Beautifully landscaped Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Garden remains open from 10 Am to 6 PM in summers. There is no entry fees for the garden and only the entry to the glasshouse has a charge of 5 GBP. Within the garden one is transported from various different climates from equatorial to Scottish Highs.

The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

If one gets tired while walking within this 70 acre of beautifully maintained garden then there are plenty of benches spread all over the garden to sit and relax. Else if you want to grab a bite then there are three restaurants/coffee houses.

Flowers in the Garden

The landscaping has been done in such a manner that there is a small stream flowing within this garden with waterfalls and lakes in between. The lakes have several ducks . The garden is also host to several bird species.

A waterfall within the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh

I saw some plants whose single leaf was as big as an adult human being. There are various kind of cherry  plants as well as rhododendrons.

A Place to sit & relax? But how do you reach it?

In one of the lakes I saw this platform with a few chairs on it but I wondered how does one go there or is it only ornamental? Of course the reflection it created in the water was very pleasing. There is a big section devoted to Chinese plants with Chinese huts also built for an added effect. Within the gardens are the huge beech hedges reminding me of the Harry Potter movie.

Cherries in the Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

The Inverleith House within the gardens normally is the venue of exhibitions for the new works of artists though no exhibition was on during my visit. The Royal Botanic Garden was opened in 1670 and in the previous century three regional gardens were acquired. These are the Benmore, Dawyck and Logan gardens.

The Temperate Palm House

The tall glasshouse (about 72 feet high) contains some very tall palms. Within the glasshouse ten different climate zones have been recreated so the overall experience is not only soothing to the eyes but educational as well.

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