Friday 22 February 2013

Taking a Vacation

If you have been working for last many years like me you know it leads to taking fewer and fewer vacations over time. I don’t know why it happens but chances are unless traveling is your religion it just happens.

Vacation Time!

The number one problem is the amount of leaves available and then my leaves coinciding with everyone in the family! I am lucky that I mostly like driving to the hills which are not very far away from Delhi. But sometimes I do like to go to other places, places which are a bit far off as well.

With cheap air travel becoming a reality in India my options to go for a vacation with those limited leaves increased. That is where I feel the more airlines we have the merrier as a traveler I am. Now with Kingfisher not in operation I felt the fares were already going up. Today I read that the Tata group is planning to invest in Air Asia and I hope that for the sake of customers the deal will go through.

Destinations like Goa, Kerala, Leh, Imphal all are now a few hours away with reasonable flights rather than being days away. With  IndiGo and Go Air on the budget side and Air India and Jet with full fares, they manage to service a lot of holiday destinations.

In that sense I wait for a time when either Air Asia expands its operations in North as well or Indigo starts flying more international destinations. After all if I do get a reasonable fare I may start exploring other countries as well.

Do I have a wish list? Not really, not a big one but sometimes I do feel that I should sit down and make one. Then when I can spot a few days which I can take off the decision making would be faster.

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